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Project:_________________________________________________________ Start date:____________ Complete date:___________


Description Price Notes QT EXT Price
5 page website HTML & CSS based $500.00 5 page website. Includes two unique page designs.. one for the home page and one for the inside page, and up to three pages built from the design of those two pages. Up to 4 images per page included. Also includes the "built in" part of SEO (search engine optimization). Client provides edited copy and images. More pages can be added..see below.
Additional HTML CSS page $100.00 Based on the design of one of the pages in the 5 page website above.
Unique web page design HTML CSS $250.00 This is to add a page that has a completely different design from the home and inside pages already produced.
Pop up page with image or text detail $50.00 This pop-up window takes the viewer from a thumbnail image to a large image in a new smaller window, or from a text link to more details as in a help panel or tool tip.
Google Site $300.00 Up to 3 pages, built and configured with your graphics. Google sites are good for those who want to update their own sites without special software or knowledge of HTML/CSS. The site design is much more limited than a custom site, and still requires some knowledge to update.
Additional Google site pages $100.00 Based on design of 3 page google site above.
Wordpress website (self hosted - at your web address (URL) $750.00 Self hosted custom wordpress site includes HTML, CSS and PHP (database driven delivery of content). This is known as a" Content Management System" (CMS) and is ideal for organizing content into searchable categories and for relatively easy content updating, using the Wordpress Dashboard interface. This includes 5 pages of content (text and images). More pages can be added.   
Wordpess site built with Wordpress template $300

Self hosted site that uses your domain name, but is built using a Wordpress template.Includes up to 3 pages with content and images. New pages are easy to add using the wordpress dashboard.

Place holder web page $200 This is an extension of your business card. I'ts a simple page with your logo or image, your contact information and brief description of your services.  
CUSTOM WEB GRAPHICS, WEB IMAGE EDITING, EFFECTS, VIDEO, FLASH (bulk rates apply for large numbers of images or graphics)
Image editing and re-sizing $15.00 Basic image editing which includes re-sizing, optimizing for the web, and simple image adjustments. Price per image.
Rollover images with 3 states (each) $30.00 A rollover requires a different image for each state: up, over, and down(click)
Image swap (each) $30.00 When one image is rolled over with the mouse it causes antother to appear in its place or elsewhere on the page. Image swaps require two or more images and java script behavior configuration.
Flash component $75.00 Anything from an animated text intro to interactive widgets, slide shows with transitions..etc..hourly rate.
YouTube video $75.00 Hourly rate. Video editing and youTube setup, on line or in website.
3D image editing and display $60.00 Hourly rate.
Web content updates $60.00

Hourly rate.

Web design & development /structural design changes $75.00 Hourly rate.
Template and editable region setup $75.00 This makes the site editable through Contribute program. Price is per page. This should be added at beginning of project as it needs to be built in. Retroffitting is extra, billed hourly.
Contribute Software set up $75.00 Install and initial configuration of Contribute software. (Purchase software through Adobe- about $150)
Text editing, typing, correcting typos $60.00 Client should provide finished and proof read copy for copying and pasting into the website. Any changes and corrections to text are billed hourly and are not included in the price of the website. Hourly rate.  

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